Thanks for coming down to see us at Branch Out Festival and giving us such a warm reception! More news soon.....

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Shut Up & Listen! AITA perform at the Jam Cafe this Thursday

Thanks to those who came to see me play at The Golden Fleece last month. Upcoming is Farmyard special ‘Shut Up and Listen’ on Thursday at The Jam CafĂ© on Heathcote St. I’ll be performing along with Cecille Grey and Boy_Child – I’ve been checking out my competition on Sound Cloud and if you come down I reckon you’re in for a good night of good music. Be great to see you!


Cecille Grey

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Italians find two refs are better than one

Appropriately enough, when the whistles blew to begin Europe’s first top-flight match refereed by two men in black (and gold), it was on Columbus Day in the home town of Christopher Columbus, who stumbled upon the New World more than 500 years ago. In the end, though, few discoveries were made.

Instead, Tuesday night’s Italian Cup second-round tie between Sampdoria and Bologna in Genoa produced the depressingly familiar sight of violent fan disturbances. The two referees, Roberto Rosetti and Gianluca Paparesta, had little option but to abandon the match after a lunatic element among the Sampdoria supporters hurled abuse and much else besides (including potentially lethal bits of bathroom plumbing) at Are Prada Nylon Bags Worth The Money their former goalkeeper Gianluca Pagliuca.

This was an unfortunate start for an experiment that had gone well – up until the abandonment at least – and which continued to do so in six other Italian Cup games on Wednesday night. The experiment will continue in all www.pradasg.com cup games through to the two-legged Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada E Shop final next April and May.

While the Italian league yet again called for an anti-hooligan bill making its slow way through parliament to be quickly approved, senior figures in the game acknowledged that the experiment had gone well.

The former international referee Pierluigi Pairetto, who along with Paolo Bergamo is responsible for selecting and appointing match referees, pronounced himself satisfied.

“Obviously Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Uk Sale the two guys still have to co-ordinate their movements a bit but this is a situation that will get progressively better.”

Pairetto’s remarks referred to the manner in which the two referees divide their duties. Essentially, each referee takes responsibility for one half Amancio Prada Prada of the field, running the game as much as possible from the flank with his colleague diagonally opposite him on the other flank of the other half.

Each referee Authentic Prada Outlet Online Usa is sovereign in his own half Bicester Village Prada Refund of the field but his colleague comes to join him to help with free- kicks, corners, penalties and matters such as sendings-off.

If one side is attacking deep in its opponents’ half, the other referee may enter his Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Outlet Online colleague’s half of the field, going 10 yards beyond the halfway line, so as to be on standby to help. Furthermore, if the defending team quickly turns to a counter-attack, the second referee should be well placed, just inside the half, to follow the action back into his own zone.

In theory, only one referee whistles at any one moment. In this week’s initial experiments, however, there were a number of cases where both referees blew simultaneously for fouls that took place in or around the halfway line. Force of habit, no doubt, and one that prompted Cagliari’s laconic coach, Renzo Uliveri, to wisecrack that “two refs blow more than one”.

Force of habit also affects the players. During Tuesday’s ill-fated game, Bologna’s Swedish midfielder Klas Ingesson was incensed by one of Rosetti’s decisions. The Swede turned and yelled abuse at him. When that failed to produce a satisfactory response, he then turned on the other referee, Paparesta, and yelled abuse at him too, again without apparently achieving much.

Other players in Tuesday’s game were impressed with the Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Official Website experiment. The Sampdoria defender Alessandro Grandoni called it “a positive trial run” and his team-mate, the striker Francesco Flachi, claimed the experiment had “worked out really well”.

Needless to say, though, not everyone was happy. After Bari had been beaten 1-0 by Napoli in Naples Agatha Ruiz Prada Online Shop on Wednesday and had had their midfielder Simone Perrotta sent off, Bari’s owner-president, Authentic Prada Wallet For Sale Philippines Vincenzo Matarrese, struck an all-too familiar note.

“Until Perrotta was sent off, we were completely on top. The referee decided the outcome of the game.”

Make that “referees”.

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