Thanks for coming down to see us at Branch Out Festival and giving us such a warm reception! More news soon.....

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At its peak, it was 42,000 and we are now down to under 15,000

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Zeifman ironically, a consultant to a member of the Judiciary Committee that impeached President Bill Clinton said Democrats feared putting Watergate break in mastermind E. Howard Hunt on the stand. Hunt, Zeifman said, might report on his knowledge of nefarious activities in the Kennedy administration “including Kennedy’s purported complicity in the attempted assassination of Fidel Castro.”.

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Brett Lowenstern is in the very first group. In case you forgot, he’s the Carrot Top esque kid who was bullied in his high school. And while Ryan Seacrest says the judges don’t give feedback, it’s quite obvious that they like this kid. For years, Bantam paperback books have carried the disclaimer: edition contains the complete text of the original hardcover edition. NOT ONE WORD HAS BEEN OMITTED. That not only a point of pride, it a selling point as well.

Everyone welcome. Organized by Labour Day Organizing Committee North Central Labour Council. For more information call 250 563 9999. The 2,500 square foot brewery and taproom at 485 New Park Ave., has been in the works for about three years, says John Doyle, a co owner along with Alex Dee and Tom Atkins. The space has indoor seating for 80, and a 400 square foot outdoor patio with seating for another 30 in warm weather.New Park will offer four beers on tap at first, Doyle says, including Foliation, an “easy drinking” American pale ale at 5 percent ABV with New Zealand and American hops; the Cloudbreak IPA with “notes of grapefruit and cantaloupe” at 6.5 percent ABV and Carbon, a 6.5 percent ABV oatmeal porter, with “notes of Belgian chocolate, coffee, toasted oats and a hint of dark cherry.”Yardbird Chicken Sandwich Suzie Hunter / Hartford CourantThe Yardbird and Mercado food trucks will be on hand for the opening, and visitors can bring their own food. This is Yardbird’s Chicken Sandwich with fried chicken and kimchi on a sesame bun.The Yardbird and Mercado food trucks will be on hand for the opening, and visitors can bring their own food.

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